A weekend of wonderful people and starry skies.

I love camping so much. Something about this summer has felt different as though everything is changing. It is. I’m going into my last year of school, my sister is moving to another country, Our neighbours who are like honourary siblings are going on to secondary school and everything just feels different. But any worries were forgotten this past weekend.10 of us – who all live on the same street piled into two cars with an inordinate amount of stuff and drove to somewhere outside stonehenge for a three day camping trip.
It was a wonderful weekend, spent collecting firewood, having a fire burning brightly all night, toasting marshmallows, playing charades until late into the night with my some of my favourite people.
I looked up as the starry sky with Ciara (age 9) snuggled up on my lap with a smile on my face. I love being outdoors and it was gorgeous. The moon was big and high up like a spotlight for us.
Waking up early, chasing spiders out of the tent and laughing until our stomachs hurt about nothing in particular. Even when it rained, we found a way to sneak away from the adults in charge to buy a stash of chocolate for a midnight feast that we forgot to have.
Then going to an adventure playground and feeling so young again as we climed ladders, waded in an earl’s river (we were not supposed to) and laughing as we ran through one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
The adventures continued as the day went on, more marshmallow toasting and sitting around the open fire playing Who am I and singing campfire songs.
Even the experience of the portaloo was hilarious – it started being referred to as the ‘thunderbox.’
Also the fact that all us kids decided to sing wherever we went including doing the washing up – a few people gave us more than a few odd looks as they walked in while 4 of us yodeled – sound of music style!
For the weekend, we were together, all of us united in having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.
We even gained a chicken on the last morning – appropriately named ‘Campo’ – she would not leave us alone which made some of us giggle.
Also when four of us were set to do the washing up, we sang and yodelled (sound of music style) the whole time gaining more than a few weird looks. It left us in hysterics.
The constant singing.
The bromance between the two dads.
listening to jack johnson and lelia broussard in the tent.
trying to learn some croatian and only being able to say FALLA 🙂 which I tried to fit into as many conversations as possible.
The wasp attack – a wannabe member of the family who cramped Niall’s style!
Going down slides on the most amazing adventure playground ever, even the adults joined in.
the glimpse of salisbury cathedral.
Brenda’s camping freak out every night which were hilarious (for her too)
The sun and the rain.
Also convincing a 6 year old and a 9 year old that we were suddenly in Belgium with Alex was pretty hilarious, I must say. It ended with Helena (age 6) yelling at the top of her lungs “WE ARE NOT IN BELGIUM” – but it was funny while it lasted.
Oh and the food was really good – home cooked on the grill 🙂
Being able to watch the sunset was also amazing.
It was just a great weekend spent with my 2nd family. Being together and enjoying ourselves.

 this post is mainly for my memory, don’t know if you can tell, I am not a serious blogger but it felt neglected so I am posting this as I want to remember it.

Ps Once we arrived home, my sister and I got to meet 4 long lost 2nd cousins and my dad’s cousins and their ballet troupe which was fun – 19 people for dinner! It ended with all the kids on the trampoline but was SUCH FUN. We also played a game called HOPS and ate cupcakes and went to the park and got to know each other! A brilliant weekend.

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