Paradise for the day.

Lake Como is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have been, we went for the day, waking up early, armed with pack lunches and cameras. I have visited once before in 2011, which was amazing and when we were thinking of places to go for the day, this was top of my list!

The best gelato you will ever taste can be found in Argegno, at Gelato il Zoe, we were very tempted to go back for seconds….


I love the winding alleys, mish-mash of colours and sizes and shapes of houses. I love the atmosphere, the way you can lay watching the gentle waves lap against the shore, looking up the mountains (which still had snow on them in April!) We felt like we had been on holiday for a week by the time we got back. 

Spring was starting to show, all the trees had pretty white blossom.

Sparkling blue waters, on the first sunny warm day of spring here, we dipped our toes and I found a rock a little way out to sit on, but it was far too cold for swimming. (As much as I had hoped!)

We kept creating life stories for the ducks, which amused us to no end. These two were our favourite (the married couple) 

these girls are awesome, one from america and one from ecuador, we had so many laughs, danced on the hills, and did a lot of walking.

we climbed a hill and were rewarded with this beautiful view of the Rapido ferry sailing off into the distance.

It was such a quick train ride in the end, will definitely be returning while I live so close!

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