Pink Mountains.

A new place means a new blog name, although this blog has a readership of around 3 and I don’t post very often, it still needs to be relevant and ‘Life of a Londoner’ just didn’t fit the bill anymore, it’s now been nearly two years since I lived in London full time, and as of last week, I don’t even live in the UK anymore so have decided on the name ‘Pink Mountains’ as suggested by S on a walk this week to represent the way that the sunset shadows hit the mountaintops here in Bozeman.

So it’s official, I am now a student in the USA, in a little town nestled in the Bridger Mountain Valleys called Bozeman. I have been here for a few weeks now, acclimatising to the altitude, getting my classes sorted (nearly there) and sorting my life out (bank account, bike, foods, job etc).
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at times, missing my family, and the home comforts of the UK but I can’t wait to get the adventure started and go on some travels, try skiing at least once, and make some friends, I have met a few people so far and everyone has been super friendly. There are plans this week to go skating on a frozen tennis court, go on a field trip to Butte, go to a canyon and even act in a couple of my classes which is not something I had thought I’d be doing but in the film program here, you are expected to act as well as direct/produce/film/write. I feel like I am really pushing myself though and I’m going to learn a lot.

Bozeman is gorgeous and often sunny even in temperatures of around -10. Everyone here is so helpful, friendly and kind, and always willing to help you out. Main Street looks like a movie set and the historic district has these gorgeous houses still adorned with fairy lights from christmastime – they obviously don’t have the superstitions that we do about Christmas decorations!

let the adventures begin!

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