Bittersweet Feelings | Leaving Bozeman behind

So, today is the day. The day that I leave the mountain town I have come to call home over the past 8 months. I cannot believe the day is finally here, as in some ways, I felt like I was gonna be here forever. I really love this place. A place that I didn’t even know existed; a year and a half ago. It’s crazy to think that this place has felt so much like my home base, it was where I studied, I had 2 different jobs, a photo and film community, a group of amazing bright funny inspiring outdoorsy friends, a house where I lived with a crazy group of boys, my first home with my boyfriend, so many adventures; hiking, paddle boarding, bouldering, swimming, running, biking, travelling. It was where I bought (half of) my first car, where I learnt to push my limits, that no time is too little to get stuff done, that I can manage more than a few months away from home, where I juggled work, uni, social life and keeping in touch with everyone back home, where I worried and overcame those worries, where I began and ended the biggest road trip of my life, where I learnt to be less afraid, where I skied for the first time, where I made countless memories that I hope I will never forget. This place, an outdoor lover’s paradise, a town full of amazing friendly creative people and wonderful views. I feel so lucky to have had these amazing opportunities and to have taken all the chances I can to make the most of this incredible place and experience.

I don’t know when I’ll be back, I just know I will.

it’s not goodbye, Bozeman, it’s a see you soon.


(Photo taken at Fairy Lake, with the peak of Sacajawea in the background, last month.)


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