Scenes from Italy | Lake Iseo

A week or so ago, I was lucky enough to visit one of my favourite countries in Europe: Italy. Back in 2012, I moved there to be an au pair for a lovely Italian family and spend my gap year exploring the country and learning the language. Since I finished my job there in May 2013, I had not been back to the country so was excited to see what was new and if much had changed. I started with a 3 day three to the town that I used to call home: Cremona (photos from there soon!) and then made my way up to Lake Iseo where I met my family for a 3 day adventure exploring the lake. We were also celebrating my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary and the fact that we were all having quality time as a family of four for the first time all year. The lake was absolutely gorgeous and a hot spot for holidaying Italians, it has lots of lovely little towns dotted along the shores, mountains towering above and endless places to explore. I though it would be fun to share some photographs of the wonderful place I found myself in.

Lake Iseo - streets of sulzano

This was one of the many alleyways that made up the town of Sulzano; where we stayed. It’s winding streets had a german feel making my sister feel very much at home (she used to reside in Regensburg, Germany)

Lake Iseo - a street in Pisogne

More beautiful Italian streets. This was in the small town of Pisogne accessible by either ferry boat or train; both ways providing gorgeous views over the lake and surrounding mountains.

Lake Iseo - M&D anniversary photograph

My parents on the evening of their 30th wedding anniversary, it was a lovely evening and a great occasion to celebrate. Here’s to 30 or 40 or 50 more years of happiness, adventures and tennis games!

Lake Iseo - Window view

The hotel we stayed in was called Rivalago and located right on the waterfront with views of the lake and mountains from every window. It was a small hotel with beautiful furniture and decorations and one of the highlights was breakfast in the front garden every morning overlooking the water. I’d quite happily wake up to that view every day!

Lake Iseo - Chairs by the water

Drinks on the lawn were a nightly occurrence with the sun setting and silhouetted mountains in the distance.

Lake Iseo - bike ride island views

Seeing the mountains make up the horizon made me so happy (and kinda miss those great American landscapes.)

Lake Iseo - Lulu on ferry

Ferry rides are the best way to get around the lake. Sunset is the best time to utilise them for views like this.

Lake Iseo - amazing wood floor

Love this wooden flooring. Can I have it in my future house please? So it feels like I’m in the woods when I’m not?


Lake Iseo - Boats in the island harbour

Harbour Views at Night.


Lake Iseo - Posts reflection

Shadows reflecting on the water.


Lake Iseo - Family shot #2

It was great to spend such lovely time as a family after so many months apart. So grateful for them and the time we get to spend together. Hugs, adventures, hikes and many long conversations made up a wonderful weekend. Happy 30 years of marriage Mum and Dad!

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