2017 in Photographs.

2017 has been quite the year. Though not like some other years, where a bunch of exciting, crazy things have happened to me, this year has been more of a slow burn, a year of discovery, of moving, of new projects, of a new job, a new community and habits shifting.

I sat on the rickety old train last week as it hurtled through the countryside, taking me back to the city. It’s a journey I know so well; from Plymouth to London. It is the fifth time I have done this train ride in as many years right before Christmas, and it made me stop and think about all the different things that had changed over the years; from jobs to houses to family to friends, to all the things that weave together to make up everyday life. No year is perfect, and this one was no exception, there were so many good amazing moments, filled with smiles and memories, and then there where other times that weren’t quite so perfect. But so is life, and I’m grateful for both, for the happy and the sad, the good and the not so, and I am excited for what 2018 has to hold.

Happy New Year to anyone who is still reading this sporadically updated corner of the internet. You are appreciated!

Here are some images that sum up some of the memorable moments of the year.


A dusting of snow in my parent’s garden, London.


A portrait of one of my dearest friends, London.

Pancakes to dull the winter blues, London.

Many days spent hunched over my laptop freelance editing, London.   Frosty walks beside the canal, London.

Sean in Chinatown, London.

A heron in St James’ Park, London. 

Cotton Candy skies from my parent’s house, London.


Cleo bathing in the sunshine, London.

The reeds on Hampstead heath being blown around by the bitter winter winds, London.

My grandparents; 83 & 85 testing out the new outdoor gym at their local park, London.

A walk on the moors with our landlord and his dogs, Dartmoor.

Puddle jumping on the beach, Wembury.

Walking by the estuary, Wembury.

A portrait of my sister on her birthday, London.

Smeaton’s tower at dusk, Plymouth.

Evening walks to Millbay to watch the ferry come in, Plymouth.

A wild pony in the snow, Dartmoor.


Dancing around the kitchen with my uncle, Suffolk.

Lottie, hard at work on a project, Suffolk.

First signs of spring, London.

My bed, London. 

Cleo in the garden, London.

Mama laughing on Hampstead Heath, London.

Blending in with the blossoms, swiss cottage, London.





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