Life right now | 21.08.19

DOING: Moving! Our house move is now imminent and we are about to move into it and start work on it! We will be doing it all ourselves so it is slightly daunting and leaving the comfort zone of our home to start a new home and chapter, but mostly I am just excited. I have also just moved offices at work so it has been lots of boxes and packing in all areas of life.

DRINKING: Iced coffee! I got a random craving for it a few weeks ago (despite not being an avid coffee drinker in the slightest.) – since then I have been making it in my biggest jug (decaf) and leaving it in the fridge for early mornings before work – I enjoy sipping it through my metal straw(s) that my mum got me as a gift a while back.

EATING + COOKING: Just a lot of hummus and pitta bread. and weetabix, not a lot of culinary delights at the moment, as we are just trying to use up what is in the cupboard at the moment. Also went to a lovely vegan pop up cafe this week and had amazing meal for a friend’s birthday, so many colours and flavours. Also made vegan peanut butter cups this month which were delicious, I put almond butter in some and manilife peanut butter in others and they were so so good!

ENJOYING: catching up with friends over facetime, sea or lido swimming at every opportunity, the bits of warm weather we have been having.

WATCHING: We finally finished ‘Our Planet’ last week and then watched the behind the scenes special which is an hour long and for filmmaking geeks like us was amazing to watch and learn more about the production behind the show.

READING: lots of things. I have been noting down all the books I have read this year, and so far I am at 26 – it’s one of my favourite things to do and I love learning from the non fiction and getting lost in the fiction. Some favourites recently: ‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn, ‘The Wall’ by John Lancester, ‘It’s what I do’ Lyndsey Addario.

WEARING: Second hand clothes – I made a pact last october to not buy any new clothes from high street shops (apart from underwear/socks if needed) and I have stuck to it. I have only bought clothes from charity shops and ebay. There have of course been fails where an item has been too big or something but overall, it has saved money and is a small step for the environmental impacts of fast fashion.

BUYING: a house! Our initial plan to buy out our house’s co owner has changed somewhat quickly and dramatically (for reasons I won’t disclose although they are positive) and this means we are leaving our lovely little house above the river for pastures new. We have found a lovely Victorian terrace house in a neighbourhood we like that is in need of a lot of TLC, can’t wait to get stuck in.

PLANNING: apart from the house stuff, I am planning what I am going to take for a work trip to Portugal in a few weeks. I’ll be going as a filmmaker and documenting a research trip – it has been a few years since I last did a trip like this and I am so excited to get stuck in and work hard and take all the pictures too. It has fallen at a crazy time in the same week we are moving house, but I can’t wait to see amazing landscapes, capture footage and go on an adventure.

CRAVING: a bit of stability haha. Everything has felt in a bit of limbo so far this year so it’s exciting to finally have some dates set out.

LOVING: Evening walks. S and I have been making a habit of going for a long walk each evening and it has been the loveliest way to see out the summer and our life in this neighbourhood. Sometimes we go to the river, other times up to the new house to look at it or to the different parks nearby.

SAVOURING: All the family time – my grandparents and aunties and my sister all came to visit in August and it was so lovely, we stayed in a little cottage in the countryside and cosied up, read books, played games, chatted and watched the swifts nesting in the roofs of the buildings. It was magical quality time and just so wonderful.

FEELING: a little bit overwhelmed with everything there is to do both before we move and once we get there. It’s all part of it though and we know how lucky we are to be moving into our own place together!

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