Life right now | 07.11.19

Time for another little life right now post! A fun way to collect a little time capsule of things that are happening this month, and the first one since the move.

DOING: I am working lots, trying to get outside as much as possible, going for walks with friends, soaking up any little bit of sunshine but also sometimes spending evenings curled up under blankets just being cosy with S.

DRINKING: Oat milk hot cocoa, it’s so tasty and sweet and have been making it my travel mug for walks to the park – perfect to warm chilly hands.

EATING + COOKING: Fully into the winter mode with cooking; lots of roasted veggies, soups, tofu noodles & homemade pasta sauces. Have also been going to one of my favourite cafes once every few weeks for amazing homemade veggie bowls with a friend on my lunch break, such a nice way to break up the week.

ENJOYING: Our house! I haven’t yet written about our house or the move but I am loving our new place and so happy that we actually own it together! It is a little bit of a project but in the two months we have been here, we have tackled the upstairs, redecorated and put either carpet or laminate down in the bedrooms and it already feels cosy and lovely. We are so grateful to be here and although we loved our last house, we are so happy we made the choice to move as this house suits us so much better already.

LISTENING: To the rain, we have had so much rain this past month, it has been relentless, but this week we moved upstairs (as our bed finally arrived) to the attic room and it has been so cosy listening to the rain pitter patter on the attic window up here. I’m excited to make this space our own and put lots of prints on the wall and a cosy armchair for reading in.

WATCHING: Fireworks! 5th November in the UK of course marks fireworks night so this week, we watched some from our aforementioned attic window and then walked to the seafront for the annual display and bonfire there. It’s always fun to go and be part of Plymouth community events like that when the whole city appears in droves to celebrate something.

READING: I’m on track for my reading goal this year (35-40 books) and currently at 30 but have reached a bit of an ebb where I’ve been struggling to get into a new book – have a few loaded up on my kindle so going to try and get stuck into one tonight.

WEARING: tights and dresses, cosy scarfs, lots of layers. It’s gotten so chilly recently and rainy but it has been fun to layer up again.

CONSUMING: #howirent on youtube – a great series on how renters style and make their homes all cosy – have been taking lots of inspiration for what we can do to our house from it. Have also been watching all the renovation transformation vlogs, so fun to see what people to do their homes and how they end up looking and also gives me ideas for our home.

MAKING: Films. At work, lots of film projects have been finishing up & it’s so satisfying to see them come to fruition, some of which have taken over 6 months to make (if you are interested in seeing a recent one: here is a doc about a pianist that I created recently – one of my favourites of the year!)

BUYING: I’m not buying much these days, but when I do it’s not particularly interesting! I bought a new rain jacket that actually protects me from the rain (am I a real adult now?) when the relentless rain made me realise that mine was no use anymore. and apart from that, just lots of random bits for the house – currently trying to decide on doorknobs cause we were left with none by the previous owner haha. Super exciting stuff I tell you!

PLANNING: A trip! My sister and I are headed to Asia to visit my parents in just two weeks and I’m looking forward to being warm, reading lots of books, exploring a new country (Vietnam!) and taking many photos!

LOVING: all the family & friend time I had in October – my two aunties came for a long weekend and we spent a cosy weekend in Plymouth, with crisp walks, rainy nights and lots of good food and giggles. Also, I took a few days off work in mid-october as Ash (mine and my sister’s honorary sister!) was visiting from America so we spent 4 blissful days just hanging out, making each other laugh, walking through London and Oxford and taking all of the photos. It was so relaxing and fun!

SAVOURING: Any little bit of winter sunshine we get, the days are so dark and grey at the moment, but when the sun shines, it just fills my soul right up for a minute and the way it shines on all the autumn leaves is so pretty.

FEELING: to be honest…pretty tired! This time of year always makes me sleepy, with the lack of light and clocks changing.

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