A week in the Azores | Filmmaking

About two months ago, I got the amazing opportunity to head out to the Azores on a field trip through my work as a filmmaker & photographer to document an academic field and research trip. I jumped at the chance and it was the most amazing week filming and exploring on a completely magical island with a great group of people.

It happened at the craziest time and I ended up leaving for the trip just 4 days after S & I moved in our first home together – I had spent the days before packing, unpacking, cleaning and painting and then suddenly was on a coach and then a plane having a completely different kind of adventure. It was amazing and made me so grateful to do what I do and so inspired for where it can take me in the future. I am so passionate about my craft, and it was a huge learning experience to be part of a trip like this.

We spent 8 days on Sao Miguel, one of the most populated islands in the Azores and spent time in the fields, mountains, by the sea and even on a boat on which we saw dolphins and a pair of sperm whales. The views were incredible and the people so friendly, it really was a wonderful experience. I got the chance to see so many amazing views and wildlife and it is somewhere I would not have visited easily on my own. One of my favourite memories is from the first day, when we had all been travelling for over 20 hours, nobody had slept and we all barely knew each other, and we had an hour or so of free time. Some people went for naps but a few of us decided a sea swim would be much better than that so we headed to the beach down the road which has black sand because it’s a volcanic island and all went for a long swim in the waves as the weather was so sunny and nice, it was so refreshing, especially after so much travelling, the perfect antidote.


I would definitely recommend a visit to these amazing islands – I feel so lucky to have had the chance to visit.



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