Monthly Films | June & July

Time for another round up of monthly edits as I am almost caught up! I had a moment this year when I wasn’t sure if I would keep continuing with this series cause it sometimes feels like work (the editing part), but putting them on this blog has given me a new appreciation for them & I feel like I can’t stop now (there’s one a month, every month since January 2012!) as I love having these mini time capsules of moments in my life and they are fun to look back on! Do you ever create videos?

In June, we spent a week in Scotland with my parents and family friends to celebrate my Dad’s 60th (and my 25th also fell on that week!), we did GoApe, went hiking in the rain, ate lots of yummy food, swam in the loch, played silly games and laughed a lot. It was a great week. Also, I went camping with Bozeman pals in Frome, did some pottery & spent most of the time outside.

In July, we celebrated Sean’s brother’s wedding, put an offer in on our house (had that offer accepted), spent gorgeous days in my grandparents garden, went to St Ives with pals, visited my aunt in France & swam in the sea quite a bit.

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