Au Pairing

FAQ on Au Pairing:

Paradise for the day.

1/When did you Au Pair? Where and Why?

I au-paired from the middle of October 2012 to the end of May 2013. I lived with a very sweet family who have 2 boys in Cremona, Italy in the north of the country near to Milan. I decided to au pair because I

2/How did you find your family?

I found my host family on Au Pair world but we also emailed, a lot and skyped a few times before I went to make sure we were all in the same boat!

3/How long did you go for?

I stayed for 8 months!

4/Did you speak fluent Italian?

No, the only things I could say were ‘Can I have a coffee, please?’ and very basic greetings but I learnt while I was there!

5/Any advice?

Definitely put a contract in place with all the hours you will work and the time off you will get! And just enjoy it!

Any other questions? Let me know!

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